Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision and Mission for KKMC


To improve the quality of life of Filipino families by providing jobs with fair compensation to as many Filipinos as we can.


We will be the Philippine’s top provider of human resource and sanitation services.¬† Companies will prefer to work with us because we provide them with the best personnel and the best hygiene & cleaning solutions.

Core Values of KKMC:

Honest and excellent service

We provide our customers with honest and excellent service by recommending personnel who are highly skilled and match their needs.  We also provide high quality cleaning and sanitation services for companies.

Partnership and Respect

We treat our employees as partners in growing the business and we work in a respectful manner with our team and with our customers.

Responsibility and Commitment

We take responsibility in providing our clients with qualified personnel and we are

committed to providing  customers with the best solution and service.